’Stranger Things' Star Noah Schnapp Has 3 Words to Describe His Celebrity Crush

Plenty has happened over the course of stranger things, but one thing viewers can count on is Will Byers' struggles. His disappearance of him kickstarts the hit Netflix series, and he has struggled to find steady footing ever since, even as season 4 brings him to the West Coast alongside Eleven, Jonathan, and Joyce. But Will’s traumas haven’t followed Noah Schnapp off-camera. The actor seems to be enjoying the fruits of his fame, including meeting his celebrity crush after revealing his feelings about the star.

Will Byers' plight is at the heart of 'Stranger Things'

Stranger Things Noah Schnapp celebrity crush Zendaya

Noah Schnapp in June 2022 | Brian Stukes/Getty Images

At the beginning of stranger thingsWill Byers was just a dorky kid running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign in the basement of Mike’s house. But his chance of him at a normal life ended in the first episode.

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